Wormwoord Gentleman Corpse: Calamari Rising

There are way too many eyeballs and tentacles in this volume

There are way too many eyeballs and tentacles in this volume

Let’s get the basics out of the way first.  Wormwood is a sentient, indescribably powerful worm who inhabits rotting corpses (usually by hanging out in their right eye sockets).  His favorite meat suit is a dapper young man, but we’ve also seen him pilot a young, pig-tailed little girl.  He pals around with a android he built himself and a stripper he recruited from his favorite hang out; a gentlemen’s establishment whose employees guard Earth’s interdimensional gateway.

They all drink quite a bit, quip constantly, and battle evil.  You know, as millennia old, mystically powered invertebrates do.

In this, the series’ third collection, squid creatures invade Earth looking to assimilate the planet into it’s Borg-like collective.  Wormwood is their oldest foe, responsible for killing thousands of the squiddies and keeping them from conquering other worlds.  So yeah, they don’t like him much.

Apropos of nothing, but hilarious nonetheless

Apropos of nothing, but hilarious nonetheless

Templesmith earned his fame drawing 30 Days of Night, but I can’t say I was that impressed with his work then.  Everything was dark and way too sketchy and I couldn’t tell what was going on half the time.  Well that version of the artist is gone, replaced by a much steadier hand whose work I now found intriguing and even a little charming.  He’s still not the most detailed of artists and his action scenes can be a bit muddy, but all of his characters have such….uh….character that I can forgive the occasional vagary.

My one substantial nitpick has to do with the cost of this book.  $20 for 4 issues?  Really IDW?  If I bought the singles of this book it would’ve cost me $16, and the handful of covers and pin ups in the back don’t justify the extra $4.  Thank goodness for Amazon, in this case, because as I understand it all of IDW’s books are overpriced.

Here’s a small plot point that will let you know if you’ll like this comic or not:  Remember that really, really terrible Jet Li movie “The One?”  Where bad Jet Li travels to other dimensions to kill other versions of himself in a quest to become a god?  Well, Templesmith straight up stole that idea, only he’s replaced Jet Li with Elvis.  Yes, that Elvis.  And it’s hilarious. 

Also, Wormwood fights the squid creatures in a battle suit powered by the brainwaves of 6 clones of baby Einstein.  Let no one wonder ever more why it is I love comics so much.


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