Link dump for 7/9


Ahhh link dump…the lazy blogger’s best friend.

Sadly, nothing’s really inspired me to write recently.  I feel like I should review the most recent Hellboy collection since the movie’s coming out soon, but that post is still percolating in the old brainpan.

In lieu of actual content (and to get my fake name back at the top of the page where it belongs), here are some websites I enjoy.

Zero Punctuation:  I think these hilarious and profane reviews of video games account for 95% of this online magazine’s traffic.  Regardless, visit this link every Wednesday around 11am Central time and be prepared to laugh.  Or maybe stifle your laughter so the others in your cubicle farm don’t know what you’re doing.

TV Tattle: Want to know what’s going on with your favorite TV show?  This is the place for it.  A nice mix of behind the scenes information and more general news, all at one handy site.

Hellboy on Inside the Actor’s Studio:  Uh, it’s Hellboy on Inside the Actor’s Studio.  What more do you want me to say?

Desktop Tower Defense:  This game was huge a few months back so you’ve probably already seen it.  If not, prepare to wonder where the day went as you get sucked in to the world of creating towers to kill “creeps.”

Dr. McNinja:  An online comic strip about a doctor who is also a ninja.  You’re probably thinking, “It’s been a really long time since I’ve laughed at a comic strip, so Pseudonym must be simple or something.  He probably still thinks Garfield is funny.  What a jerk.”  First, it’s not nice to call me a jerk.  Second, this strip is legitimately funny, especially if you read the alt-text embedded in each image.

Star Wars according to a 3-year old:  You’ve probably seen this, too.  That doesn’t stop it from being unbearably cute.  I hope my upcoming daughter likes Star Wars.

Cars crashing into a train:  Houston has a rather useless light rail running through it.  It took a long time for the stupid people in town to get used to it.  Here are some of those Mensa candidates playing chicken with trains.

Jamie Foxx destroys a lame comedian: There’s a fair bit of cursing in this, but that just adds to the hilarity.  Somebody no one’s heard of tried to be funny at a roast of Emmitt Smith.  Jamie Foxx ends his career.


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