I’m killing comics update


The creators apparently agree with me.  Well, 2 of them anyway.  From the same book.  Paul Maybury, artist on Aqua Leung (a book that I only kind of liked, in the interest of full disclosure) wrote the following in an interview with the internet’s own Dick Hyacinth:

“You can draw out a battle scene that would normally short change a monthly book buyer due to lack of story within the 22 or so pages. But in a graphic novel you can do all kinds of crazy stuff. As soon as we knew we were doing Aqua as a series of graphic novels, and not a monthly I immediately wrote in a 5 page splash. I love stuff like that.”

In in interview with Comic Book Resources, he reiterates this point, saying:

“OGN (original graphic novel) is just smart business,” Maybury said. “Especially with an unknown property and a pretty much unknown artist. There’s a lot more creative freedom story telling wise in this format. You can take your time and not worry about the cliffhanger on page #21!”

Writer Mark Andrew Smith agreed with the first quote, but isn’t cited in the CBR article in regards to the latter.

Good to see I’m not full of crap.


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