This book is pretty…..


Recommended by Pseudonym, I recently picked up Soon, I will be Invincible, by Austin Grossman.  I must say that I am not typically surprised by the construction of the book.  I have only just started reading the actual novel but it is clear that Pantheon Press put extra money into the material book.  In addition to the simple yet attractive dustjacket, this book features decorated boards, yes my friends, decorated boards.  Now, you typically get one or the other, but this novel has decorated boards AND a dust jacket.  Mr. Grossman must be living right. 

But wait, there’s more!  Decorated endpapers and little ray guns and eyes to begin the chapters.  I don’t know much about the inside yet but I do like a well made book. 

I am not yet very far into the actual novel but my initial impressions are quite good.  Taking the perspectives of a mad scientist type super villain and a minor cybernetic hero is compelling both in the super villains extraordinary sense of what is “normal” — such as the great line:  “Once you get past a certain threshold, everyone’s problems are the same: fortifying your island and hiding the heat signature from your fusion reactor.”  The aplomb with which the villain — Dr. Impossible — approaches the unique is contrasted by the hero — Fatale — sense of difference from all of those around her. 

My one early criticism is that the character of Blackwolf is heavily derived from both the Justice League’s Batman and The Authority’s Midnighter — human (i.e. no powers), dark vigilante, “powered” by gadgets and know-how and to directly reference Midnighter, his ability to play out fight scenarios in his head before they occur.  Now, Midnighter is clearly a parody/homage to Batman but it is not clear what Blackwolf’s status is to the other two.  I’m all about me a good homage but Blackwolf, so far, doesn’t bring much new to dinner.


One Response to “This book is pretty…..”

  1. Pseudonym Says:

    Who uses “aplomb” these days?

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